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The Drug Enforcement Commission is determined to continue waging a spirited fight against the scourge of illicit drugs and money laundering activities which have continued to pose a threat on the socio-economic fabric of our society. It is the vision of the Commission to move towards the realization of an illicit drug free society devoid of money laundering activities.

Recent years have seen Zambia turning from a transit point to a consumer nation of
hard drugs as evidenced by the increased number of drug dependent persons attended
to by the Commission. Similarly, drug trafficking in Zambia has reached street level with
resultant formation of criminal gang groups in isolated residential compounds. The Commission has, therefore, devised new strategies aimed at curbing the drug scourge in all the communities in Zambia, and has since, developed sensitization and awareness programmes targeting all age groups, in particular, women and young people who are presumed to be vulnerable to drug cartels.

Drug trafficking and abuse do not only affect the individuals involved, but also families,
friends and the communities at large. Illicit drugs have continued to fuel crime, violence and other social problems that harm communities. Illicit drug abuse also contributes to gender based violence (GBV) and rapid spread of infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis. Hence, the Commission has continued to implement drug demand reduction programmes and activities that focus on reducing the effects of abusing illicit drugs in society.

Money laundering has also continued to have far reaching consequences on the economy of any given nation, as it undermines legitimate economic activities and negatively reduce tax revenue. As white collar criminals become sophisticated in their quest to launder proceeds of crime, the Commission has refined its strategies resulting in intensified efforts in combating money laundering activities in Zambia.

With the realisation that drug trafficking, drug abuse, and money laundering, have continued to pose a global threat to all human endeavors, I wish to urge all stakeholders, cooperating partners and members of public to continue supporting the fight against these vices in order to realise the dream of a drug free nation devoid of money laundering.

Thank you.

Alita Mbahwe