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AML Awareness Activities



AML Awareness Activities

As a law enforcement agency, the Commission believes information is power. Money laundering is relatively a very unpopular term to the majority Zambians. Most of the times, it is often mistaken for Corruption among other common offences. Whilst all these other offenses could be a predicate offense leading into money laundering, the Commission recognizes that members of the public fail to report potential money laundering cases due to lack of information on what constitutes money laundering.

Similarly, many institutions both in the public and the private sectors suffer huge losses of revenue due to lack of knowledge and information on the crimes relating to money laundering.

The Commission therefore has deliberately institutate a strategy aimed at providing awareness services on money laundering on major topics such as identification of money laundering, ML and terrorist financing, economic effects of ML, AML compliance, AML legal framework in Zambia and other self-tailored topics to meet the clients demands.

These awareness services are offered to both public and private sectors on request. Individual clients from the general public are equally welcome to inquire on any of these AML awareness services anytime from our offices or by calling us on +260211257072.

Visit  to find out more on Money laundering.

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