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  • Turkish Police Visits DEC
  • Turkish Police Visits DEC
  • Minister of Home Affairs officiates at DEC's Silver Jubilee
  • DEC Commissioner speaks at the silver celebrations
  • UNODC Representative, Sharon Besa Nyambe with other guests at DEC's Silver Jubilee
  • Cocaine recently seized by the Commission
  • Honouring people who have greatly and uniquely contributed to the Commission
  • Marijuana recently seized by DEC Central Province
  • Cannabis field in Central Province
  • Uprooted Cannabis plants
  • Uprooted Cannabis plants
  • Miraa/Khat recently seized by the Commission
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The Drug Enforcement Commission has donated a number of items which include text books, cleaning materials and food stuffs to Jerome Fleischer Community School in Lusaka.
Speaking at the function, DEC Commissioner, Alita Mbahwe commended the efforts being made by the School to provide education, shelter, food and other necessities to the vulnerable in society. | Read more

“DEC Mission Statement”

"To prevent and control illegal cultivation, production, trafficking and abuse of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and money laundering activities in order to contribute to socio-economic development".

“DEC Vision”

"A proactive Commission that prevents and controls illicit drugs, substances and money laundering for a safer and peaceful Zambia".

“DEC Goals”

a) "To achieve a 10% reduction in the supply and demand for illicit narcotic drugs and
psychotropic substances by 2016".
b) "To achieve significant reduction in the levels of money laundering in Zambia by 2016".

“DEC Values”

"In the conduct of our duties we shall uphold integrity, team work, professionalism, innovation, confidentiality, accountability and patriotism".

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